Top 5 reasons people hesitate from changing cars (even when their hearts really want to)

It goes without saying that cars are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether your running errands, getting to work or sending the kids off to school, we use cars for the very same reason: getting from point A to point B and so on. Owning a car at this point of time is basically a necessity, letting go of said car in lieu of a new(er?) one is a whole other ball game… Even when you really want to change your trusty automobile for new wheels, there’s always gonna be that little voice telling you otherwise. Here are our top 5 reasons as to why people hesitate from changing their cars!


Outstanding loans and commitment to current car

Probably the bane of every car purchase would be the loan you have to commit towards owning said car. When you’re still in the 5th year of a 7-year car loan, trading your wheels is the least of your concern, financially at least. That makes sense because why would you commit to purchasing another car and get on another loan when you’re barely even out of the woods with your current car.


Intimidated by the potential hassle and paperwork

If the financial concerns aren’t enough to make one wary about changing their car, the back and forth to dealerships, getting your grants approved, bank visits and so on can come off as a bit of a hassle. To put it simply, ain’t nobody got time for all these extra (but crucial) steps towards getting a car – not when you already own a semi-decent one.


Worried about the potential downtime in between handing over your existing car and the arrival of your new ride

Another hesitation car owners may have when changing their cars is the potential downtime from handing over your old car and the arrival period of your new car being too long. Like we said earlier, cars are a N-E-C-E-S-S-I-T-Y. And while e-hailing apps are all the rage nowadays, the convenience of having a car at your beck and call is unmatched. Once you’ve felt the comfort and ease of having a car, what are you gonna do? Walk to work??


No time to research on new car or upgrade

The first (and possibly most important) step towards even considering buying a car would be the prior research process you have to conduct to find your next potential ride. This part of the process is even more complicated when you’re not a car junkie and your knowledge in cars is at the bare minimum of any layman out there.


Afraid of landing on a ‘lemon’ (worthless)

Whether your purchasing a new car or a secondhand car, there’s always that fear of landing on a ‘lemon’. A lemon in this case is would be finding yourself stuck with a car that is not worth the time and money that you have put towards owning it. Buying a secondhand car in this case is even more concerning because you run the risk of getting a car that is not necessarily in its best form.


Now, now… don’t let what we’ve said above raise even more hesitation towards you changing your car. If anything, MUV can defy your hesitations, especially if they comprise of the five above! At MUV, our team can help facilitate outstanding matters, provide quality assurance with our 180-inspection, pick our brains for information on potential cars you could purchase and even listing your car on Futures platform while still being able to use it for your daily commute! We’re a one-stop hub for all your car needs from buying a car to selling your car.


So worry no longer about trading that car of yours in for another one because MUV has got your back (and your car too!)


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