Top 5 things to do before you balik-kampung


Lock up everything before you leave


Make sure your house alarm, surveillance equipment and locks are all in working condition! After all, you’d want to have the peace-of-mind of being away, knowing that your house is safe right?

What you can do is to assign one or two of your family members to help you cross check on all these aspects. Check the locks and latches are still secured.

Check to ensure your house alarm is working. Perhaps talk to your neighbours or friends you can trust that are staying near you and will not be travelling during your time away to drive by and check on your house every now and then.

Be sure to leave some lights on in the main areas. You don’t want to have your house going dark for a long period of time as that is a dead giveaway that the occupants are away.



Keep all your valuables safe


Do consider putting away all your valuables somewhere safe.

Hide, lock or put them in a security box if you have to.

Time to unplug



Unplug all your major electronics and electrical appliances if you will be outstation for a few weeks. By doing that, you are saving electricity and ensuring your appliances are not susceptible to any power trips.


Hygiene spot check


It must be pretty hectic when you have to balik-kampung and you haven’t cleaned your house. On top of that, you haven’t even packed.

On the day before you have to leave for the trip, run a spot check. Make sure there are no soon-to-be perishables and food items left in the fridge and empty all trash cans, especially the one in the kitchen. You don’t want to come home to a stinking house that has something rotten somewhere!

Car maintenance check



If you are driving back to your kampung, make sure to get your car tyres and all the other vitals checked out before you hit the road!


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