Top ten used cars sold in 2020

2020 was a crazy year and it was super unpredictable for the used car market. Nevertheless, we have collected the data across multiple sources and here are the top 10s in Malaysia for the year!


  1. Toyota Avanza

Being one of the affordable people mover cars in its segment, it is not surprising that you see the Avanza here. Badge brand, Toyota reliability & strong resale value helps it cements its position here.

An all-time favourite for Malaysian families and the balik kampung regulars.


  1. Honda City

No surprises here. This compact sedan has been a mainstay in the segment and almost always the first choice for those who can afford the premium price tag above the other brands in this segment.


  1. Nissan Almera

Spacious, frugal and overall a simple point A to point B sort of selection for the everyday drivers. It is known to be practical and (some say) has slightly lower maintenance cost compared to its Honda & Toyota counterparts. You can never go wrong with an Almera in the eyes of the Malaysian public.


It’s no surprise that the Almera is a popular choice, it is the wife-approved vehicle choice after all.


Picture from Carousell


  1. Honda Civic

Everyone is dreaming of a Civic Type R but not everyone lives that dream. But there’s always the run-of-the-mill Civic that everyone can afford. Its strong resale value and sporty looks have always placed it in everyone’s car shopping list.


Picture credit to superstreetonline.


  1. Perodua Axia

The Axia has been a runaway success story for Perodua since it launched. It continues to be a firm favourite amongst first-time car buyers.

A successful muv Buyer showing off his Perodua Axia.


Convenient and easy to park (among many owner comments) and is sought-after by both urban and rural folk alike due to its affordability. First time car buyers are looking for used versions of it due to its price point.


  1. Proton Persona 

One of the most spotted local models on the streets and seems to still be sought after in the market. Some say this is a local fave sedan that’s a little more “atas” than the previous generation Saga BLM.


Its newer models are a big improvement over the previous generations (but of course, which car isn’t), and there are quite a number of people looking for the newer models in the used market.


  1. Perodua Alza

This is another runaway success model for Perodua that has endured the test of time. A compact mpv that is pretty much bullet-proofed in terms of engine and especially the pricing. A little short on the specs but you get what you pay for. Value for money and carries 7!


  1. Proton Saga

The Saga has evolved so much over the years and although no longer the first choice but it is still the first choice of the people when it comes to buying it pre-loved. Also a favourite for Grab drivers, you can’t go wrong with a Saga.

The Proton Saga, a reliable and economically-efficient car for all.


  1. Perodua Myvi

The KING OF THE ROAD compact car. Only in Malaysia and feats that can only be done with a Myvi. (not that we condone it, but where else have you seen a car that has so many tales of [mis]adventures). 

Every Myvi model seems to out-do the previous and lives up to the expectations of the consumers. The only surprise is that it is not taking the top spot.

The Perodua Myvi is the ultimate choice for many muv Buyers.


  1. Perodua Viva

There you have it! Surprisingly the Viva takes the top spot of the most sold in the used car listings according to our collated data. Comparable to the once glorious Kancil but with more space. Small but bagus! Again Perodua has a super compact model that is practical for your town runs and super economical in terms of ownership cost. 

Highly sought after nationwide especially for the ladies and kids who have just gotten their license!

A successful muv Buyer with his Perodua Viva.


Special Mention

One of the most surprising mentions in 2020 is actually the X70, dealers are reporting a lot of requests for (WTF – Want to FIND) X70s – doesn’t matter which variant, as long as it’s a X70 people want it. 

The proud owner of a new Proton x70, thanks to muv!


Although the industry has had its up and down market because of the MCO and RMCOs, and EMCOs, etc etc… one thing for sure, people are continuing to look for used vehicles for their value!


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