From tractors to supercars, ferruccio lamborghini was the original tony stark

In our day and age, Lamborghini is rightfully considered one of the most exclusive and elite supercar brands. The name resonates well with both car and non-car enthusiasts. Some would call it ‘Lambo’.



The brand was the brainchild of Ferruccio Lamborghini who started out in the tractor business known as Lamborghini Trattori. This vehicle was made using excess parts used to make weapons and equipment during the Second World War. Well, well… Is that not Tony Stark-ish already?


After the war, Lamborghini who was a known mechanic with the Italian Air Force started his tractor business and before long, his business flourished and even started making home heaters and air-conditioning systems. With that, Ferruccio became a rich man and indulged in expensive hobbies where he bought a Ferrari 250 GT.



He, however, regretted that particular purchase especially due to the clutch system. That prompted him to come up with his ideas which he would then meet Enzo Ferrari to propose them. This obviously did not go well with Enzo. Mr Ferrari cynically remarked that the problem lies not with the car but with the driver. That certainly is a direct insult to Mr Lambo.


The former put more salt on the wound when quick-tempered Enzo recommended Ferruccio to deal exclusively with tractors, and never even touch a sports car. That crummy customer service only drove the latter to be more inclined on breaking Ferrari’s persona.


How? By hiring a team who used to work for Ferrari.


Ferruccio wasted no time and started to think of producing a high-performance car. He employed Giampaolo Dallara who was once in the Ferrari V2 design team. He also added the team with Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione and Gian Paolo Dallara who used to work for Ferrari. The job was simple, make a powerful GT that can hit 241km/h.



Four months later, the genius and his super team unveiled the first Lamborghini 350GTV. The car was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1964 and like a bawse, he never looked back ever since. The story of Lamborghini was not always a story of success. But the rest, like they say is history.


However, note for sure that the encounter with Enzo Ferrari was the catalyst for an expansion of his automotive activities. With that start, he will always be remembered as the red-blooded Italian who set the blueprint for the modern supercar in the 1960s and has become the poster-child for some of the world’s most exotic automobiles.



And interestingly, Lamborghini cars are used by the police of United Arab Emirates! Well, that makes perfect sense. Nothing can derogate the lawbreakers and fascinate the holidaymakers like the world’s fastest police car!


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