Want to buy a car on muvbid? here’s what you need to know!

Now that you’ve been informed on how sellers can list their car for bidding on muvbid, it’s the buyers turn pulak la kan to find out how exactly they can get to bidding for their dream car on muvbid!


Just to jog your memory, muvbid is a 24/7 online self-listing vehicle bidding platform that lets sellers directly list their cars for buyers to bid on!


Which means that… bila-bila je buyers can hop onto our website and start their journey towards getting their dream car.


To get things started, just head on over to www.muv-x.com and register as a Buyer. 


Once registered, you will need to purchase a bid ticket for each vehicle that you are interested to bid on. After that you can start bidding on the vehicle of your choice.


After winning the bid, you will receive a call from ​muv within 24 to 48 hours ​to arrange an appointment to ​view ​the car at one of our centres.


If you are satisfied with the condition of the car and once you confirm the purchase, we will help you with your financing application, if required.


Once your financing is successful or once payment for the car is organized, we will help you with all the necessary paperwork such as ownership transfer, Puspakom inspection, road tax and insurance. Oh BTW… the bid ticket you purchased earlier? It is used to cover all these paperwork tau!!


So there will be no additional expense to get them donezo!


Then, you’re all set la for your dream car!


So simple kan?? Buying your car is so easy now with muvbid!


Get started today! >>>  muv-x.com/what-is-muvbid/  


Find out more about bidding on muvbid below:

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