Want to sell your car on muvbid? here’s what you need to know!

You know that phrase ‘New Year, New You’? Over here at muv we’re doing just that as we roll into the new year with muvbid.


The past week saw our launch of the BRAND NEW muvbid, a 24/7 online self-listing vehicle bidding platform that lets sellers directly list their cars for buyers to bid on!


YES! That means you, the Seller, just has to log into your muv account, and immediately start listing!


It’s so simple! To list your car, just simply take photos of your car, and then just upload it for listing.


While this gets your car on the muvbid listing for the next seven days, you can up the ante to secure a buyer by booking your car’s valuation appointment to get it muv Verified! This means buyers have the added assurance that your listing has been verified by our muv professionals.


Then, all you gotta do is wait for the bids to come on in! And they come in pretty quick we tell ya! Especially if your car has been muv Verified!


So simple kan?? Selling your car is so easy now with muvbid!


Get started today! >>>  muv-x.com/what-is-muvbid/  


Find out more about listing on muvbid below:

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