What’s the best tyre for malaysian road conditions and weather?

Our country’s weather is either hot, very hot, raining or raining like the sky is about to fall on us. So, another vital part of maintaining your vehicle is getting suitable tyres to manoeuvre and work around the cranky weather and patchy road conditions that seem to appear overnight. Here are some of muv’s top picks for your consideration!


Bridgestone Ecopia

Ecopia tyres give you eco-friendly performance. It helps to improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance but there is no undermining of safety and braking performance even in wet conditions. Ecopia tyres are also eco-friendly because they reduce the production of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide that would in turn contribute to global warming.

Michelin Energy

The new Michelin Energy tyres give you better grip throughout because it spots new rubber compounds that have a new formulation of full silica tread compound that contacts the ground in micro-scale. 


Continental ContiComfort

These tyres optimizes driving comfort with improved handling and safety performance and are made for comfort where they also reduce noise without compromising on overall performance. 


Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2

This tyre has the latest HydroTred technology, which means it gives you greater braking performance on wet roads, just like in Malaysia. You get a better and greater handling as well as comfort performance with its’ innovative asymmetric tread design. All  for a safer and comfortable drive. 

If you do not know which tyre to choose, why not head on to the tyre expert, who happens to be muv’s inspection partner, Lim Tayar to have a chat about the right tyre for your vehicle? And while you are there, if you have ever thought of putting your vehicle up for sale, get a free inspection. The free inspection will be carried out by trained and experienced technicians at their respective outlets.

Vehicles that have undergone the inspection at Lim Tayar will have a full report (and receive muv’s muvVerified badge) on the bidding platform providing buyers with more confidence when buying the vehicle. This means, with the assurance, the chances of you getting a reasonable bid for your vehicle on sale are way higher.

Potential buyers can refer to the report which will provide the potential buyer the assurance that the said vehicle’s condition has been inspected and verified as what the seller has declared, while indicating the current condition of the vehicle in detail.

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