Are you the worse kind of passengers?

Driving in itself is stressful enough, you not only need to pay attention to other cars, road signs, and your GPS but sometimes have to deal with the worst kind of passengers. Let us take a moment to identify these people and have a good laugh, and perhaps next time you can recognise them before they get into your car and lock the doors!


The Imaginary Brake
Some passengers are extremely on edge when they are not the ones behind the wheel as they feel they have no control over the car. This is why you would notice their legs automatically hit the imaginary breaks on the passenger seat side.


The Human GPS
Don’t we all have that one friend or family member who knows the best route, the best shortcut or the perfect place to park. The most annoying ones are those who shout over the GPS navigation. Perhaps to them, even real-time traffic updates are not as good as their directions.


The Surround Sound
If you think the passenger who hits the imaginary breaks is bad, think again! At least they are quiet, and the bad habit can go unnoticed. The passengers who make the worst sound effects that give you a jolt or cause you to lose focus on the road definitely can make a grown man cry.


The Pressure Cooker
Road rage is highly unacceptable, so perhaps you are one to be calm on the road, unphased by those around you who break the rules. However, some passengers love to take matters into their own hands. Although they are not the ones driving, they would be the ones dishing out all the scolding.


The DJ
You probably have your playlist or preferred radio station set on the car sound system; however, not all passengers would dig your chosen jam (no pun intended). When a passenger turns into a DJ and switches the songs, they are ultimately taking advantage of the fact that you are focused on driving and can’t stop them, not cool!


So spill it, which one are you?

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