Qualities to note when purchasing a long distance car

Thinking of buying a long distance car? Check out these qualities to note before paying a fat cheque for one:


Aerodynamics influences the way a car accelerates attains fuel efficiency and how stable it is at high speeds. When you are driving in windy conditions, your car has to move against the wind and with good aerodynamics, your car doesn’t need to work as hard to push forwards. A car built for long distance will be able to move quietly with minimum drag, no undesired lift forces and the design of the car will keep it straight even when there is a gust of wind or crosswinds.


Fuel Efficiency
Having said that, road trips can be costly in terms of fuel costs, therefore finding a car that gets excellent gas mileage, or opting for a hybrid vehicle that uses a combination of electric and gas to power the car will keep costs lower.


Power or torque
Without power or torque, every lane switch, car pass, and hill climb will require hard work. Torque provides your car the immediate push it needs when you are switching between lanes on the highway and admit it, having a powerful car to drive on the open road is a rewarding experience in itself.


Often forgotten are good steering and suspension in a car, having said that a good long distance car will track accurately and require minimal steering corrections. Cars with electronic power steering and computerized stability control make driving long distance a breeze.



Driver-assisting features
When you’re driving long distances, you can get tired and any help you can get from your car to stay alert or make the drive more comfortable is welcomed. For starters, cruise control will give your legs that are constantly on the pedals the break it needs, and adaptive cruise, in particular, is best as it automatically maintains a safe distance to follow from the cars up front. Blind spot warning features, on the other hand, will increase visibility and keep you alert.


To avoid frustration, time wastage and unnecessary mileage, some cars come fitted with a navigation system. Always make sure your system has been updated to the latest version to enjoy nifty features like alternative route calculation based on current traffic congestion, estimated time of arrival. These are only a few features from the many driver-assisting features out there, but these are a good start of features to look out for when buying a car for long distance driving.


There are some creature comforts that would make long distance car rides more comfortable, for example when traveling long distance, you’re going to want a car with lots of space to either carry all the things you need and still provide sufficient space for passengers to be comfortable and move around during a commute that might require hours of sitting down.


For added comfort, manufacturers spend on R&D to eliminate wind and mechanical noise. The sounds created by windblast or a rattling engine can take its toll on your sanity especially after hours in a closed car with the unwanted background noise. A car that is silent even when faced with strong winds is the perfect car for long distance travel.


Then there is the combination of having little features like a decent sound system, cup-holders, adjustable seats, air-conditioning or heating system if you live in a cold country. Some cars come already fitted with these features, otherwise, you can always add on features according to your needs.


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