When a self-driving car causes an accident, who is at fault? the car or the driver?

The advancement of new technology has been punching the clock since the beginning of human history. The effects of the advancement are of course, both positive and negative.


On the positive side, it has simplified the way we do things. On the negative side, it has made us become highly dependent on every easy help button that was developed. Our smartphones, for instance, is one that we cannot live without.


Technology advancement has greatly changed the automotive industry. An idea that was once possible only in science fiction movies is now said to be on the brink of transforming the industry. The idea is none other than a self-driving car.



Some self-driving cars can now fully self-drive up to speeds of 60 kilometres per hour, allowing drivers take their hands off the steering wheel temporarily. With a more advanced system, the drivers, in fact, no longer need to be in the car while it parks up as they will be able to control the car via their smartphone. This feature can be found in Audi’s all-new A8 luxury sedan.


While this is a dream come true for many, a system that allows drivers to take their eyes off the road even for a few seconds is, naturally dangerous. Even with all the sensors and safety measures in place, the car will still be affected by unpredictable events due to technological lag.


The industry is increasingly recognising the threats associated with self-driving cars. Although automakers are now selling self-driving cars with crash warning technology and promised to completely eliminate crash-related deaths in their cars by 2020, one question still remains.


When a self-driving car causes an accident, who is at fault? The car or the driver?



Self-driving cars may be the future of driving, but a fully reliable self-driving car will not be available in the next decade. So whatever the answer may be, there is no better way to drive than to operate the car yourself.


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