Teddy bears, cops and kids


No one is too old for a teddy bear. An example that we are familiar with is Mr Bean and his stuffed toy, Teddy. He sleeps with Teddy, brings it along with him everywhere and speaks to it too. According to claims in a book by Christopher Andersen, at 68, Prince Charles of England still travels with his childhood stuffed toy.


Psychologically, a stuffed toy – most famously a teddy bear – genuinely comforts a person. Today, more and more have come to see nothing wrong with having a teddy bear in their bed. After all, one warm hug would immediately brighten their day.


It works for adults. Seemingly, that means that it works for children as well. Realising this, police departments across Europe have equipped their officers with hundreds of teddy bears solely used to comfort distressed children involved in traffic accidents.



The teddy bears are called the trauma teddies. The Trauma Teddy is an initiative that runs across Europe but was born in Campbelltown in 1990. Richard Hamilton, former superintendent of Campbelltown ambulance service had seen a child being given a teddy bear by the ambulance service in Camden. He was immediately impressed by the calming effect the bear had on the child.


Today, more and more trauma teddies are being carried around to help comfort children and young adult involved in car crashes or other frightening incidents. Leading Senior Constable Emma Whitmill, who works as a domestic violence liaison officer at Redfern local area command in Sydney, started knitting over a year ago and saw an opportunity to provide child victims of crime with trauma teddies.


Since April this year, Estonia’s police have also been carrying teddy bears in their patrol cars. In May, Mothers Against Drunk Driving donated 25 teddy bears to the Grand Prairie Police Department with a special mission to comfort children who are in the cars with drunken drivers.



The most interesting recent event related to the initiative is turning 150 retired uniforms from the Kalkaska Police Department into teddy bears. Almost every part of the old police uniforms, which dates back to 1990, is used to make the bears. The teddy bears will be gifted to children involved in critical incidents like car crashes or family issues. And at least two bears will be kept in the back of each patrol car for easy access.


There are a number of famous bears who have been marked down in history. This includes Baloo Bear from Jungle book, Barney Bear, Bernstein Bears, Goldilocks and the three bears, Winnie the Pooh, Yogi Bear, and Paddington Bear. And these bears are very much part of everyone’s life whether they admit it or not.


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