Thinking of buying a car at an auction?


Used car auctions are becoming increasingly popular today. More and more people are turning to that alternative to find reliable cars for a cheap price. The reason is simple. The interest in these auctions has increased due to the rickety economy. Saving enough money to buy your dream car is nearly impossible as a consequence of this.


At auctions, cash is king. You have the money, you are the king. But before you make your purchase, there are a few things that you need to look into.



Know the car value before you bid.
Visit the car dealers around you or check the prices online to get a general idea what used cars are worth. It is best to shop within your means.


Rev the engine.
At auctions, you may see good exteriors. However, nothing is as good as it looks. The one you like may have been in a major accident and rebuilt (kereta potong). In this case, test-drive the car. This will help you to see if the car meets the requirements and safe to drive.


Use the dipstick.
Do not step into the world of high mileage and heavy use. Dissect the insides if needs to. If a car is well-maintained, the lubricants should be clear and clean when you pull the oil or transmission fluid dipsticks. So, get a stick and dip it in.


Do history check.
Guarantees. Warranties. Legal record. These are important. Every car has a history. A responsible dealer would check and ensure you will not get into any kind of trouble, financially and legally.


Learn the players’ game.
Look for suspicious actions such as active bidders. They do not necessarily have the money, but they bid just to pump up the prices. To be safe, do a research on bidding tactics before you join the players.



With the advent of technology, purchasing a used car from auctions has become much easier. MUV offers not only online auctions; we also offer you a convenient way to bid and purchase on your smartphone through our MUV Buyer App.


Take this opportunity to bid and purchase more used cars from us. And if you have a car that might interest us, drop by our auction hubs to have that chat.

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