Zodiac signs and cars

Summer Signs, Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Summer signs usually treat their selection of cars like their mate. A high speed, good acceleration and assertive fun car is what usually they look for. Even when they pick a more practical car, they usually opt for sharper selection of colours like red, yellow or the trendiest one during the season. Add-on accessories are on their top of the mind. Their preferred wheel partners are usually the ones that turn eyes at a social gathering.

Fire Signs Traits: Dynamic, Adventurous, Temperamental, Passionate, Amazing instinct, Courageous, Confidence, and Initiative.

Honda Civic Type R: A swooping and dynamic rear wing spoiler does more than turn eyes


Autumn Signs, Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Luxury Sedan family is definitely their top choice. Being the conservative, modern and practical signs they are, earth signs tend to be more “grounded” in their selection of cars. Rides are usually “on-the-go” kinds. They pick cars that suite their needs rather than being flashy. You tend to find their selection of cars, simple on the exteriors but great on the interiors. They will definitely trade that flashy wheel rims for that extra air-bag feature anytime.

Earth Signs Traits: Conservative, Modern, Loyal, Practical, Slow, Steady, Builders, Stable


Toyota Vios: One of the most popular B-segment sedan in Malaysia. Sporty exterior, sleek interior and wide cabin always make your ride comfort


Spring Signs, Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Air signs lives for balance and somewhat necessarily for them to overthink their selection of cars. In many cases, huge amount of research are done before selecting a car and you will never know the main reason of their selection. The selection of cars tend to surprise others but once you get to know the reason of the selection, it is often the dual nature of a car that appeals to them. A car that have both the mode of being practical and adventurous. Cars that go on the wild dirt road but also pick up groceries at the Mart without much eye-turning would be the air sign selection of drive.

Air Signs Traits: Balanced, Intellectual, Elusive, Loving Nature, Philosophical, Free Spirit, Idealistic, Mental

Nissan X-Trail: It is a rugged-looking yet practical family four wheel drive


Winter Signs, Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

They are usually are attracted to cars with great technologies and have solid “real” built structures. The water sign often prioritize safety and security above all, but will also look for power and output in their drive. Being the perfectionist in their demand, if they can build the entire car according to their desire which will be the perfect car for them. It is also common for the winter signs to drive completely different cars from their personality and may opt for one that fits better with their current state of mind.

Water Signs Traits: Intuition, Creativity, Nurturing, Sensitive, Emotional, Dreamy, Impulsive, Imaginative.

Volvo: It offers all beauty, safety and power with advanced performance that will make your heart race


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